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The Tragic Consequences of Ozempic A Weight Loss Drug

The Tragic Consequences of Ozempic - A Weight Loss Drug

A 56-year-old Australian woman, Trish Webster, had one simple goal: to shed some pounds before her daughter’s wedding. She was prescribed Ozempic, a medication primarily used to treat Type 2 diabetes and promote weight loss. Little did she know that her journey would take a horrifying turn, leading to her untimely death due to gastrointestinal illness. Today, her husband is on a mission to warn others that the popular weight loss drug is “not worth it at all.”

The Popularity of Ozempic

Ozempic has gained immense popularity as a weight loss drug worldwide. According to the New York Post, this drug works by mimicking a natural hormone, GLP-1, which slows down the passage of food through the stomach and intestines, making people feel full for longer.

However, it can lead to complications if it slows the stomach down too much or obstructs the intestines. Mrs. Webster combined Ozempic with the prescription injection Saxenda and managed to shed about 15 kilograms in just five months. Initially, the medication seemed to be a quick solution for weight loss, but it soon took a dark turn.

The Tragic Incident

On January 16, just a few months before her daughter’s wedding, Mrs. Webster’s husband found her unconscious, with a brown liquid oozing from her mouth. “She had a little bit of brown stuff coming out of her mouth, and I realized she wasn’t breathing, so I started doing CPR,” Roy Webster told 60 Minutes Australia.

“It was just pouring out, and I turned her onto her side because she couldn’t breathe.”

Mrs. Webster tragically passed away that night, with the cause of her death listed as acute gastrointestinal illness.

The Unfortunate Outcome

Although doctors have not officially linked Mrs. Webster’s death to her Ozempic and Saxenda usage, her husband firmly believes that these drugs were responsible. “She shouldn’t be gone, you know,” Roy lamented. “It’s just not worth it, it’s not worth it at all.”

In a statement, the manufacturer of Ozempic, Novo Nordisk, mentioned that recurring stomach complications like ileus were only reported after what they call the “post-marketing setting,” implying that they only became aware of the problem after the drug had been released and achieved pharmaceutical success.

The Dark Side Unveiled While the initial effects of the medication were promising, it wasn’t long before Mrs. Webster’s health deteriorated. The drugs, intended to facilitate weight loss, ended up making her sick. The turning point came on January 16, a few months before her daughter’s wedding, when her husband, Roy Webster, found her unconscious with a troubling brown liquid coming out of her mouth.

The Tragic Night

Roy Webster vividly recalls the tragic night when he discovered his wife in distress. Despite administering CPR, Mrs. Webster passed away that night, and the cause of death was listed as acute gastrointestinal illness. The grieving husband expressed shock, stating that he never thought the weight loss drugs could lead to such a tragic outcome.

Manufacturer’s Response

In the aftermath, the manufacturer of Ozempic, Novo Nordisk, addressed the situation. They acknowledged the occurrence of a recurring stomach complication known as ileus, but claimed it was reported only in the drug’s “post-marketing setting.” This implies that the pharmaceutical company became aware of the problem after the drug’s release and subsequent widespread use.

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Trish Webster’s story serves as a cautionary tale, highlighting the potential risks associated with popular weight loss drugs. Despite the lack of a direct link between her death and the medication, her husband urges others to reconsider the use of such drugs, emphasizing that the pursuit of weight loss should not come at the cost of one’s life. The tragic end to Mrs. Webster’s weight loss journey raises questions about the safety and awareness surrounding prescription weight loss medications.

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