‘Babar Azam’s Grand Purchase A Stunning INR’ 7LAKH Sherwani and jewelry in India

'Babar Azam's Grand Purchase A Stunning INR' 7LAKH Sherwani and jewelry in India

Pakistan’s cricket star Babar Azam is making a lot of noise with his expensive wedding plans. News stories have been full of pictures of the 29-year-old leader of the Pakistan cricket team shopping a lot in India. He is planning to get married after the ICC World Cup 2023. The most impressive thing about his wedding preparations is that he bought a sherwani from the famous Indian shop Sabyasachi for an unbelievable INR 7 lakh. We talk more about this big buy and what it means for Babar Azam’s wedding in this article.

The INR 7 Lakh Sherwani Purchase Babar Azam

People who like cricket and fancy clothes are talking about Babar Azam’s choice to buy a sherwani for INR 7 lakh. This big purchase shows how well-heeled he is and how determined he is to make his wedding a big deal. He chose the sherwani as his outfit for the event because he wanted to honor custom and culture in a classy and elegant way.

The Grand Sabyasachi Store

The shop Sabyasachi, where Babar Azam bought this expensive item, is famous for its expensive and fancy Indian clothes. In India, this name is linked to high fashion and luxury. The store is in a nice area for shopping, and it’s a great place to find high-quality traditional and modern Indian clothes. The fact that Babar Azam chose this well-known store to buy his sherwani shows that he wants his wedding to be a truly memorable and beautiful event.

Secrecy Surrounding the Wedding

The media has been full of stories about Babar Azam’s wedding plans, but the details of the event are still being kept secret. It’s clear that the cricket player values his privacy and doesn’t want the public to know about his wedding. This privacy rule makes people even more interested in his wedding and stresses how private and intimate the event is.

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Jewelry Shopping Extravaganza

The wedding preparations for Babar Azam were not finished when the sherwani costing 7 lakhs of Indian rupees was purchased. He also indulged in a shopping binge for jewelry, further boosting the grandeur of his wedding. The selection of magnificent jewelry adds to the extravagance and luxury of the occasion, demonstrating his devotion to making this event truly exceptional.


Many cricket fans and fashion lovers are interested in Babar Azam’s expensive wedding preparations, especially the INR 7 lakh sherwani he bought at the famous Sabyasachi shop in India. People are still talking about how well he plays cricket and how good a leader he is, but his wedding plans have taken center stage. Babar Azam’s choice to buy a fancy sherwani shows how much he wants to combine tradition and style in a big celebration of love and culture. People are still very excited about his wedding and his cricket career.

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