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Turkish digital artist presents enormous meta-space exhibit in Ankara

Turkish digital artist presents enormous meta-space exhibit in Ankara

Didem Yalınay Born in 1976 in Ankara, Turkey, is a versatile individual who excels in both academia and the arts. Her primary area of expertise lies in generative art, where she blends creativity and technology. Currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Communication Sciences at Istanbul’s Bilgi University, she imparts her knowledge by teaching narrative narratives at Gazi University.

In addition to her scholarly pursuits, Didem is a multifaceted talent. She graces television screens and movie theaters as an actress, also lending her creative flair to scriptwriting.

Before her tenure as a director at the Discovery Channel, she ventured into the realm of cultural entrepreneurship, establishing her consulting firm. Presently, she curates workshops and crafts generative artworks, showcasing her innovative spirit.

One of her notable recent achievements is the collaborative artwork “Edge(s),” a project commissioned by WHO and exhibited at various locations in Turkey, including Sonar2019 in Istanbul. Didem Yalınay’s career is a testament to her boundless creativity and diverse interests

Celebrated Turkish digital artist, Didem Yalınay, is set to reveal her latest masterpiece on November 14. This extraordinary meta-space exhibition, titled “Akışta / In the Flux / Dans le flux,” will take place at CerModern in Ankara and is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the republic. The exhibition is a collaborative effort with the German Embassy and CerModern, as part of the “Digital November” events organized by the French Institute in Ankara.

Yalınay’s innovative exhibition leverages cutting-edge holographic screens to construct augmented structures within a 200 square meter (2,152.78 square foot) area at CerModern. This groundbreaking approach minimizes the reliance on physical hardware and offers visitors a unique meta-space experience, made possible by Yalınay’s extensive scientific research and artistic ingenuity.

Resource: Daily Sabah

Breathtaking Meta-Space Exhibit in Ankara

Turkish digital artist presents enormous meta-space exhibit in Ankara

The creation of this large-scale meta-space exhibit in Ankara was a joint endeavor with architect Seçkin Maden, enhancing the visual spectacle. German artist Abel Korinsky also contributed a sound installation, enriching the auditory experience for visitors. Additionally, the exhibition will feature public workshops led by Yalınay and panels that delve into the fusion of science and art.

Yalınay’s journey towards this meta-space exhibit in Ankara commenced in 2018 when she unveiled her first meta-space work titled “Edges” at CerModern for the U.N. Reflecting on her progress, she expressed her joy, stating: “I dreamt of holding a grand exhibition in Ankara for the 100th anniversary of the republic. Presenting my work on an international platform in Ankara, with an installation 100 times the size of my first piece, is an immensely gratifying achievement.”

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Yalınay’s talent and unwavering dedication have earned her international recognition. In 2022, she was selected as one of 24 artists worldwide for France’s prestigious artist residency program. She also had a solo exhibition at Sorbonne University. Furthermore, she was honored as one of the top 20 artists at the 2023 International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA 2023), solidifying her position as a trailblazer in the realm of digital art.

Didem Yalınay, an accomplished individual, holds a degree from Ankara University’s Radio, TV, and Cinema Department. She boasts a rich background in acting and screenwriting, having played diverse roles in movies and TV series. Her journey includes portraying the character Muayenedeki Kız in the 2006 film “Barda,” the role of Selin in the 2008 short film “İtiraf,” and embodying Ferda in the 1st and 2nd seasons of the TV series “Unutulmaz.” Additionally, she made her mark in the productions “Hıyanet Sarmalı” and “Yetim Gönüller” in 2014.

Didem Yalınay’s professional history encompasses serving as the Channel Director at Discovery Channel. Following her tenure, she ventured into entrepreneurship, establishing her own consultancy company, where she offered cultural entrepreneurship consultancy services to Reysaş Holding.

Notably, Didem Yalınay’s academic pursuits have been steadfast. Currently, she is a Ph.D. candidate in the Communication Sciences program at Istanbul’s Bilgi University. Her expertise extends to teaching “critical thinking on narrative” at Gazi University.

Furthermore, she has delved into interdisciplinary art practices and is recognized for her work in generative art. She is actively involved in organizing workshops and collaborating on generative artworks. Notably, her collaborative work, “Edge(s)/Link(s)” (, commissioned by WHO, has been showcased in numerous locations across Turkey, including Sonar2019 in Istanbul.

Didem Yalınay’s journey is characterized by a seamless blend of academia, artistry, and entrepreneurship, underpinned by her unwavering dedication and innovation.

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