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Transformations in the Retirement Industry Strategic Moves and Key Appointments

Transformations in the Retirement Industry Strategic Moves and Key Appointments

The retirement industry is experiencing significant shifts as key players strategically enhance their teams through noteworthy hires. In this overview, we delve into the recent appointments and transitions shaping the landscape.

CAPTRUST Strengthens Compliance with Ann Leddy

In a significant move, Ann Leddy assumed the role of Chief Compliance Officer at CAPTRUST in New York in September. Bringing a wealth of experience from her role as a compliance leader at Vanguard and as the global head of policies and procedures and compliance training at BlackRock, Leddy now leads CAPTRUST’s compliance department.

Her responsibilities include the design and implementation of policies, procedures, and controls to ensure regulatory compliance. This transition sees the former Chief Compliance Officer, Denise Buchanan, continue with the firm as the Senior Director of Compliance, working closely with Leddy during this period.

Voya’s Strategic Addition Cameron Harrell

Cameron Harrell has recently joined Voya Financial as a Regional Vice President, focusing on emerging markets in San Diego and Hawaii. With a background as a regional sales manager at Empower, Harrell brings valuable experience to his role, responsible for driving sales for various plans, including 401(k), 403(b), health savings accounts, and non-qualified deferred compensation plans.

Bill Elmslie, Voya’s Senior Vice President and Emerging Market Sales Leader, expressed excitement about Harrell’s expertise and relationships in the industry, anticipating his success in expanding Voya’s presence in San Diego and Hawaii.

MissionSquare Retirement Elevates Andrew Whiting

Andrew Whiting, who has been with MissionSquare Retirement since 2020, has now been appointed as Senior Vice President and Chief Sales Officer. In his acting capacity since April, Whiting has played a pivotal role in fostering relationships with customers and guiding the sales team.

His responsibilities include overseeing a broad range of retirement savings, financial planning, and various advisory programs across government, education, health care, and not-for-profit retirement plans. Deanna Santana, CEO and President of MissionSquare Retirement, commended Whiting’s experience, determination, and integrity in leading the sales and business development program.

Securian Financial’s Leadership Change Kristin FergusonKristin Ferguson takes the helm as Senior Vice President in charge of individual solutions at Securian Financial Group Inc.. Reporting to Chris Hilger, Securian Financial’s Chairman, President, and CEO, Ferguson oversees individual life insurance and individual annuities business lines.

Ferguson, who joined Securian Financial as a college intern in 2001, has progressed through various leadership roles. Her appointment follows the tenure of George Connolly, who now serves as an executive adviser and Chief Strategy Officer.

Retirement Advisor Council Welcomes Famiglietta and Glynn to the Board

The Retirement Advisor Council sees the election of Kelly Famiglietta, a partner at Charles Stephen and Co. Inc., and Amy Glynn, Managing Partner and Chief Financial Wellness Officer at Viking Cove Institute, to the board.

Famiglietta, representing advisers, emphasizes her commitment to discussing how qualified plans can adapt to the changing dynamics of work. Glynn, representing practice leaders, is excited about leading the Practice Leader College and enhancing participant outcomes in this dynamic time.

The retirement industry’s dynamic nature is evident in these strategic moves, reflecting a commitment to adapt and excel. These transitions underscore the industry’s resilience and determination to navigate evolving landscapes.

This comprehensive overview highlights how these strategic personnel changes are contributing to the ongoing transformation of the retirement industry. The commitment to adaptability and excellence is evident in these key appointments, emphasizing the industry’s resilience in navigating evolving landscapes.

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The retirement industry is undergoing significant transformations with key personnel moves. Ann Leddy has taken the reins as Chief Compliance Officer at CAPTRUST, leveraging her extensive experience from Vanguard and BlackRock. Voya Financial’s strategic addition, Cameron Harrell, now serves as Regional Vice President, focusing on emerging markets in San Diego and Hawaii. MissionSquare Retirement elevated Andrew Whiting to Senior Vice President and Chief Sales Officer, recognizing his impactful leadership during his acting tenure. Kristin Ferguson leads individual solutions at Securian Financial Group, succeeding George Connolly. Additionally, the Retirement Advisor Council welcomed Kelly Famiglietta and Amy Glynn, representing advisers and practice leaders, respectively. These strategic appointments highlight the industry’s adaptability and resilience, navigating a dynamic landscape with a commitment to excellence.

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