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Meet the 2023 Halifax County Candidates

Meet the 2023 Halifax County Candidates

Greetings, residents of Halifax County! The 2023 election is quickly approaching, and you will want to experience all the excitement. Tuesday, November 7, at 6 a.m., the polls open. This election could make a big difference in our county. Let’s dive in and find out what happens next.

Battling the Sheriff

The campaign for Sheriff has captured the attention of voters. We’ve got our incumbent Sheriff, Fred Clark, squaring up against the energetic opponent, Darnell Barksdale, who’s been a lifelong deputy. The pace of this contest is picking up, and there is a better time to blink.

One-Minute Constitutional Government

There are many other high-profile countywide posts up for grabs besides Sheriff. Learn more about the unopposed candidates below.

Cathy Cosby is ready to go to work as the Circuit Court Clerk.

If you need a Commonwealth’s Attorney, Tracy Quackenbush Martin is your woman.

Treasurer duties have been assigned to Ruth Oakes.

Brenda Powell is present as Revenue Commissioner.

These jobs are getting little attention, yet they’re essential to keeping our country running smoothly.

Supervisory Board and School Board Get Into a Fight

Contests for the Board of Supervisors and the School Board are where the action starts to heat up. Keep your hats on because you’re in for a wild journey!

The Board of Directors

District 4 Voting: A rematch, here we come! Ronnie Duffey, the incumbent, faces Dennis Witt, whom he defeated in 2019. What a case of holding grudges!

The fifth electoral district is a three-way tango. Mattie Cowan, chair of the Halifax County Planning Commission, is slugging it out with Linda Shepperd, former county tourism director, and Robbie Smart, a one-time county supervisor and Air Force veteran. Because of Dean Throckmorton’s retirement, we now have the opportunity to see this epic battle.

Election District 7: Board of Supervisors vice chairman Garland Ricketts faces his greatest challenge. Former School Board member Keith McDowell is moving to the Board of Supervisors. It’s a contest worth keeping an eye on.

And to spice things up, the races for ED-1 and ED-8 are uncontested.

Council of Schools for Halifax County

First-time candidate Stacy Johnson Runion, a Nathalie resident and property manager for Signature Properties based in Richmond, is challenging incumbent Kathy Fraley, a former chair of the School Board, in Election District 1.

District 4 of the Election: This One Has a Twist! Amanda Baker, a former Halifax County High School teacher, is running as a write-in candidate for Derek Mason’s seat. School Board Chair Jay Camp is not seeking re-election, leaving the position open.

Election District 7: With Keith McDowell declining a second term on the School Board, an open seat has attracted two first-time candidates: Holly Comer, an EMT and mother of two with a special needs child, and Simon Jones, a construction veteran, husband of a teacher, and father of two.

Make sure you keep an eye out for the unopposed candidates in ED-5 and ED-8 as well.

Congressional Clash in Virginia

But wait, there’s more! There are also some surprises in Virginia legislative races in 2023. We’re discussing which political faction will control the state legislature. Halifax County is in Senate District 9; however, the House of Delegates divides us into 49th and 50th districts. Our voices must be heard at the state level.

Voting Advice, Part II

Consider these points if you want to exercise your right to vote:

Please make sure everything is in order with your voter registration by double-checking it. Be bold about stopping by the Halifax County Voter Registrar’s Office if you have any inquiries.

When heading to the polls, bring a government-issued photo ID. This could be your voter card, Driving license, state ID, or other proof of residence. Even if you forget your ID, you can vote with a provisional ballot. Just show your ID before noon on Friday after the election.

Locating your polling place is crucial. Contact the registrar’s office if you need clarification.

Remember that early mornings are typically the busiest voting times.

That’s all I’ve got for you, Halifax County. The next election is scheduled for 2023. And we’re in for a wild ride. Voting is important because it gives you a say in who leads our county into the future. We’re ready to participate in community governance. On November 7, let’s speak up!

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