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Logitech Introduces Wave Keys Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard, A Detailed Look at Features and Pricing

Logitech Introduces Wave Keys Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard, A Detailed Look at Features and Pricing

The Swiss electronics company Logitech showcased its latest product, the Ergonomic Keyboard – Wave-Keys, a wireless adjustable keyboard, on November 20. This high-tech gadget boasts a wave-shaped key layout within a compact frame, featuring a built-in padded palm rest. Logitech emphasizes that the unique ergonomic design of the keys ensures a natural position for your hands, wrists, and forearms during typing, with the added benefit of the palm rest providing crucial wrist support during extended usage.

Ergonomic Keyboard Pricing and Availability

The Wave Keys keyboard can be purchased in two fashionable colours, Graphite and Off-White, directly from the Logitech online store. The Wave Keys keyboard has a starting price of Rs 6,995 and can be purchased there. This ergonomic keyboard is designed to accommodate a wide variety of users who are looking for a typing experience that is both comfortable and productive.

Logitech Wave Keys Features in Detail

The Wave Keys keyboard, a full-sized accessory that includes a dedicated numeric keypad, clocks in at a scant 750 grammes in total weight. It operates off of the power provided by two AAA batteries, both of which are handily included in the package. The keyboard has a dual-printed layout that is optimised for users of both Windows and Mac operating systems. For the comfort of the user, the keyboard also has additional functions such as CapsLock and Battery indication lights. This keyboard supports Bluetooth low-energy technology and has a wireless range of up to 10 metres. It also ensures that connections are made without any disruptions.

Multi-OS Compatibility and Connectivity

Wave Keys stands out as a keyboard that is compatible with multiple operating systems and has the ability to connect to up to three devices at once, including a Mac, a PC, and an iPad. This adaptability may be accomplished through the use of either Bluetooth connections or the Logi BOLT receiver that is supplied, both of which not only improve the quality of the connection but also ensure its safety. In addition, users are able to take advantage of a comprehensive and effective workflow thanks to the keyboard’s smooth integration with mice that are enabled with Logitech Flow technology.

Logi Options+ App Personalization

The Logi Options+ App provides users of Wave Keys the additional benefit of customisation, which is a distinct advantage. This application gives users the ability to apply productivity shortcuts to their accounts, such as a “Do not disturb” button, which improves the user experience as a whole. In addition, the Logi Options+ App enables users to design their own Smart Actions, such as a “one-touch morning routine” and a dedicated “relax time” action, delivering an experience that is individualised to correspond with the preferences of the user.

Enhanced User Experience

The Wave Keys keyboard from Logitech goes above and beyond the typical keyboard in that it provides an improved user experience by virtue of its ergonomic design and its advanced capabilities. Not only is the user’s productivity increased by the thoughtful addition of a cushioned palm rest, but also the user’s comfort and overall well-being is improved by the wave-shaped key arrangement.

Logitech Wave Keys in Professional Environments

The Wave Keys keyboard has shown to be a very significant asset when used in professional environments. Because it is compatible with numerous operating systems, it can be easily integrated into a wide variety of different types of work environments. For professionals who frequently switch between different platforms, the capacity to connect to numerous devices at the same time is a significant competitive advantage.

The Convenience of Wireless Connectivity

Users are freed from the restrictions imposed by conventional wired setups thanks to the wireless feature of Wave Keys, which boasts an impressive range of 10 metres. The wireless connectivity means that you will have freedom and a clutter-free workstation regardless of whether you are using a desktop computer, a laptop, or an iPad to complete your job.

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Efficient Numeric Keypad

The usefulness of Wave Keys has been improved with the addition of a dedicated numeric keypad, which is intended to cater to users who frequently engage in numerical input. This function is very helpful for people who work in sectors such as finance and data analysis, as well as other areas where the entry of numerical values is an essential component of day-to-day duties.

Battery Efficiency and Indicator Lights

The fact that Wave Keys just need two AAA batteries makes it not only effective but also economical in terms of power consumption. The presence of Battery indication lights reduces the likelihood that users may have disruptions in their work because of a dead battery by ensuring that users are instantly alerted about the power state of the keyboard.


The Logitech Wave Keys keyboard emerges as a smart and user-centric input device, catering to the needs of a broad user base. The Wave Keys keyboard was developed by Logitech. Not only does it fulfil the requirements of experts, but it also improves the entire typing experience for a very wide variety of users because to its ergonomic design, compatibility with several operating systems, and advanced functions. The Wave Keys keyboard is a tribute to Logitech’s commitment to creating cutting-edge solutions for the modern office, which the company continues to demonstrate by pushing the frontiers of innovation in their products.

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