Global Bulletin Oscar-winning producer Guneet Monga Kapoor and celebrity chef Vikas Khanna are the board members of the animation “American Sikh” (EXCLUSIVE).

Global Bulletin Oscar-winning producer Guneet Monga Kapoor and celebrity chef Vikas Khanna are the board members of the animation "American Sikh" (EXCLUSIVE).

Hi everyone! Get ready for an exciting ride full of innovation and success as we examine the most recent developments in the music, animation, and film industries. Some major players are making waves in the film industry, such as chef-filmmaker Vikas Khanna and Oscar-winning producer Guneet Monga Kapoor.

They’ve joined as executive producers of the animated short “American Sikh” first. This masterpiece tells the inspirational story of Vishavjit Singh, a Sikh with a turban who defies prejudice and breaks preconceptions to become the real-life Captain America. Imagine that: a bearded and turbaned superhero upending popular belief in the wake of 9/11. The movie has been receiving honours from festivals all over the place, including the San Diego International Film Festival and Sidewalk Film Festival. Bravo to Singh and the entire group for successfully bringing this stirring tale to life!

Let’s now change our focus to MM2 Entertainment’s anthology film “Good Goodbye”. It’s all about death, dying, and palliative care—subjects not commonly covered in mainstream cinema. The film claims to explore the bravery of pursuing aspirations despite the dread of mortality, making amends with family, and overcoming self-imposed constraints through its three interrelated stories. Directed by the award-winning Daniel Yam, this one’s expected to hit the theatres in 2024. Keep an eye out for this intense journey!

88rising, the media and music powerhouse that supports Asian talent, is making waves in several fields. As their first Chief Revenue Officer, Mike Chuthakieo will take the helm of brand partnerships all around the world. Following a busy 2023 that saw the Head In The Clouds Music and Arts Festival make waves in Guangzhou, New York City, and Los Angeles, 88rising’s musicians are killing it. Niki’s concerts are selling out, Joji’s “Glimpse of Us” and “Smithereens” albums are topping the Billboard charts, and Jackson Wang’s “Magic Man” is becoming the highest-charting record by a Chinese artist.

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How about shattering barriers and redefining expectations? From music festivals to anthologies and animated films, these makers are making a lasting impression. It’s important to challenge preconceptions, celebrate diversity, and tell stories that speak to the universal human experience in addition to simply being entertaining.

So let’s toast to individuals who dare to push boundaries, pursue their dreams, and refuse to let expectations hold them back. It’s only the beginning of a trip full with amazing talent and engrossing stories. Watch this space for more, and let’s continue to honour the wonder of creation in all of its manifestations!


In a world where innovation is always changing, visionaries like Vikas Khanna and Guneet Monga Kapoor are creating a story that knows no bounds. The films “American Sikh” and the soon-to-be released “Good Goodbye” demonstrate how narratives may question expectations and embrace difference. These highly anticipated and award-winning projects demonstrate the powerful influence of real stories. Under Mike Chuthakieo’s direction, 88rising has gained international acclaim, signalling a turning point for Asian talent in music and media.

We celebrate Joji, Niki, and Jackson Wang’s victories, but there is clearly a seismic shift in representation taking place in the industry. This represents a cultural revolution rather than only amusement. The final result? In the future, may there be no limits to imagination, may stories speak to everyone, and may dreamers keep creating a world that celebrates the wonders of variety and ingenuity.

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