Unleashing Connectivity New Distribution of Virtual Internet Takes Virtual 5G Global

Unleashing Connectivity New Distribution of Virtual Internet Takes Virtual 5G Global

March 30, 2023, Singapore and San Jose, California Leading innovators in Software 5G (Fifth Generation) Mobile Broadband technology, Virtual Internet, have revealed innovative innovations that will revolutionize mobile connectivity throughout the world.

Boosting International Transformation

Virtual Internet is pleased to announce the successful completion of cooperative work on a state-of-the-art version of the Virtual 5G App and Global Virtual 5G Mobile Broadband service, marking a significant milestone. With an introductory membership fee of just $4 per year, this upgraded Virtual 5G service is not only the most affordable 5G service available worldwide, but it also offers increased Performance, Security, and Privacy.

With millions of downloads, the original Virtual 5G has already had a big influence on the Asia-Pacific area, home to 66% of the world’s population. Expanding on this success, the new features are designed to make Fifth Generation Mobile Broadband available to a wider range of users worldwide. Because Virtual 5G guarantees accessibility regardless of where users live, work, play, or travel, it is essential to the democratization of 5G technology.

Easy Subscription Choices

Numerous subscription choices highlight Virtual 5G’s dedication to accessibility even more. Customers have access to a variety of payment options, including e-wallets, credit or debit cards, mobile phone billing, internet banking, and more. These subscription choices are universally accessible and include almost all international payment systems, so everyone may take advantage of Virtual 5G’s advantages.

As the Internet’s 5G, the new Virtual 5G App, and Service is made to be globally accessible in any nation. As the flagship application for the Virtual Internet Platform of Applications and Services, Virtual 5G represents a significant advancement in the field of Software 5G Mobile Broadband.

Software-Driven 5G An Advancement

Virtual 5G differentiates itself from current networks with its novel approach as a software-based 5G mobile broadband. It is faster than them, provides more bandwidth, and improves internet services in both rural and urban locations. Virtual 5G’s demonstrated ability to offer 5G service to 2G, 3G, and 4G mobile devices using cellular, Wi-Fi, and satellite connectivity demonstrates its adaptability. This improves the performance of native 5G mobile devices in addition to future-proofing the service.

Virtual 5G, the first and only app of its kind, was already the best-performing software in its class. By providing a faster, more advanced version of Virtual 5G and an improved ecosystem of apps operating over the Global Virtual 5G Network, Virtual Internet has improved the Virtual 5G platform.

About Pte. Ltd. Virtual Internet

A Singapore-based metaverse startup called Virtual Internet is creating a new user community with millions of members connecting via various networks. Utilizing current cellular radio, Wi-Fi, and SATCOM networks, Virtual Internet enables the delivery of millions of applications and services over 5G mobile broadband speeds through its Virtual 5G Global Overlay Network.

ADARA Networks, Inc. Overview Virtual Internet Pte. Ltd., Singapore, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ADARA Networks, Inc., a leading supplier of SDN and Cloud Networking solutions.

Web Virtual Not Just a Hotspot

Virtual 5G and Virtual Home Office are easily integrated with this cutting-edge mobile broadband gateway. By presenting the Virtual Web, a revolutionary development in the field of mobile networking, it overcomes the drawbacks of conventional hotspots.

Smartphones acting as hotspots have long provided linked devices with rudimentary, low-bandwidth Internet connectivity. Unfortunately, both devices’ performance will be less than ideal due to the bandwidth-limited connection that must be shared in this scenario. When a smartphone establishes an encrypted connection using a VPN provider, other devices frequently have trouble sharing that connection.

Step forward to the Virtual Web, surpassing these constraints. Through an encrypted connection on linked devices, it allows users to connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi, Cellular Radio (Mobile Data), or Satellite. This gives them the ability to explore their own network of material, which includes the most popular streaming services and websites worldwide.

Flexibility of Virtual Web on Multiple Platforms and Devices

Virtual Web guarantees compatibility with a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and soon, cars. It supports a wide array of operating systems, including Android, Apple, Windows, and Google Pixel. When used in conjunction with Virtual 5G or Virtual Home Office, numerous devices can connect via different techniques, sharing both the 5G Mobile Broadband connection and the Virtual 5G VPN.

Security Redefined The Special VPN of the Virtual Web

Virtual Web’s special VPN functions at both the Application Layer and the Network Layer, in contrast to conventional VPNs that encrypt at the network layer on well-known ports. It sets a new benchmark for online security since its multiplicative encryption renders it undetectable on the internet. True anonymity and unlimited access to worldwide content are guaranteed by the virtual web.

Global Network Access All Networks and Countries Have Virtual Web

Virtual Web operates globally, surpassing national service provider networks. This removes competition for scarce bandwidth by allowing several devices to use a 5G connection concurrently.

Virtual 5G Beyond Just Pace

The fifth generation of mobile broadband is represented by Virtual 5G, a software-based 5G network. It boosts bandwidth and strengthens Internet services in both urban and rural locations, and it is faster than the current networks. Virtual 5G is a worldwide force that is not limited to local borders, in contrast to typical 5G services that are only focused on providing greater bandwidth. It is also designed to improve privacy and security for every service on the Virtual 5G platform.

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In conclusion, Virtual Internet is at the forefront of connection innovation with its main products, Virtual 5G and Virtual Web. With its innovative Virtual Web technology, the firm is revolutionizing mobile broadband and ushering in a new age of inexpensive and accessible 5G services internationally. As the Virtual Internet is breaking new ground, it is dedicated to providing millions of users linked by its Virtual 5G Global Overlay Network with the best possible performance, security, and privacy.

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