Top 10 Driving Games on the Xbox Game Pass

The Top 10 Driving Games on the Xbox Game Pass

Top 10 Xbox Games

Hot Wheels Unleashed

Naturally, one may think that a Hot Wheels game is mainly meant for children, and while this is somewhat true in Unleashed, players of all ages can enjoy themselves. Rather than enlarging Hot Wheels vehicles to life-size, Unleashed transports you to a little universe. The cars are meticulously designed to look like their toy equivalents, right down to the paintwork scratches and smudges from your fingers while you race. The game takes place on the recognizable orange plastic rails that are scattered across different areas. You can create custom configurations by selecting items from a large virtual toybox. There’s also an intensely competitive online multiplayer option.

Need For Speed Unbound

The release of Need For Speed Unbound signaled the return of a franchise that EA had previously seemed to have forgotten about, following a three-year hiatus. Unbound offers a respectable contemporary Need for Speed experience, even though it might not become as instantly iconic as Underground 2 or the first Most Wanted. Downloading Unbound is worthwhile if only to play around with the customization possibilities. Need for Speed is still a master at customization—it allows you to change almost every part of any car, and it even has some very great widebodies.

Dirt Rally 2.0

Even though EA Sports WRC has cemented itself as the best new rally game, Xbox Game Pass will not include it for some time. Meanwhile, Dirt Rally 2.0, its predecessor, is still a great choice if you want to experience a rally. While 50 cars may not seem like much, 2.0’s wide collection of vehicles from different rallying eras provides a wide range of racing experiences on asphalt, gravel, and snow stages. The World Rallycross Championship license gives the career mode an advantage over WRC, despite it feeling a little more simplistic than the current game.


As Snowrunner shows, a great driving game doesn’t always have to be about racing. This deviates from the norm and sets itself apart from the other items on this list. As the follow-up to Mudrunner, Snowrunner forces you to navigate extraordinarily difficult terrain in order to move merchandise and assist in the building and maintenance of locations throughout various regions. You will need to handle gasoline properly during your quest, as there is always a chance that a tire positioning error could leave you trapped in the mud. It’s like a cross between Euro Truck Simulator and Dark Souls.

Forza Motorsport

There aren’t many simulation-focused experiences available on Game Pass right now. Nevertheless, the most recent version of Forza Motorsport has been easily accessible since its release in October 2023. This version from Turn 10 Studios takes a slightly different approach from its predecessors, emphasizing the development and improvement of your automobiles in career mode over a Pokémon-style catch-em-all strategy. It’s a great starting place for simulation racing, providing insightful information on how tuning and automobile modifications affect overall performance.

Burnout Paradise Remastered

Though, happily, hopes for a new Burnout game have essentially vanished, you can still enjoy the best and most spectacular entry in the series. With its 2008 release, Burnout Paradise was the first game in the series to take place in an open environment while keeping its trademark boost-heavy, destruction-focused gameplay and setting against the enthralling background of Paradise City. A true classic, the 2018 Remastered edition includes all DLC and offers a notable graphics improvement even though it doesn’t include any new features. Additionally, its multiplayer online features are still operational. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need help with those Freeburn Challenges.

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Sometimes the need for unrestrained mayhem takes over, and Wreckfest is here to sate that need. Although it handles a little more like a simulation, Wreckfest greatly increases the excitement of banger racing. The game offers a wide variety of vehicles to suit any taste, including big limousines, sports cars, city-focused hatchbacks, and even a toilet on wheels. Wreckfest provides a variety of racing experiences, whether it’s simple circuit races, wild figure-of-eight courses, or competitive last-man-standing deathmatches. With friends, this is a game that really shines since it gives you targets to aim for amid the thrilling mayhem.


Although GTA V doesn’t strictly adhere to the criteria, driving is a major aspect of the game’s gameplay. After all, the name itself derives from the theft of an automobile. Most likely, unless you’ve been living in a cave for the last ten years, you’ve already played Grand Theft Auto V. But with the upcoming release of the new version, Game Pass offers a strong incentive to visit the expansive streets of Los Santos once more. The fact that the most recent re-release is available to Xbox Series X owners makes it even more alluring. It features multiple driving enhancements, including a faster top speed than before, and 60 frames per second on consoles.

Forza Horizon 4

Although the series may have started with Forza Motorsport, Horizon has undoubtedly taken the brand to a whole new level. The UK as shown in Horizon 4 is, in our admittedly biased opinion, the best location of them all.

The seasonal element was a crucial addition to Horizon 4, bringing weekly cycles of life and vibrancy to the landscape. Spring offers brightness and dripping rain, while winter covers the region in a lovely covering of snow that turns driving into a riot. Summer bathes the surroundings in dazzling sunshine and scorching roads. Autumn gives the joy of rain and falling leaves.

Before playing the game that takes the top slot on this list, we highly suggest that you give Horizon 4 a try if you haven’t played any Horizon games yet.

Forza Horizon 5

fortunately, we love the UK setting, Forza Horizon 5, which is located in Mexico, took the idea of a racing festival and improved every detail on a technological level.

With more cars, a (slightly) larger map, better graphics, and more customization options, Forza Horizon 5 is the best game in the Horizon series right now. Playground Games make use of a dynamic world that periodically reveals fresh discoveries by continuously adding new content.

While the expansions aren’t included in Game Pass, you should still take into account the Hot Wheels and Rally Adventure packs, which offer a good amount of gameplay for a reasonable price.

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